Non-Danes reaction to Danish stuff

I came across this post on my Facebook feed, from Buzzfeed, and had to share. Non-Danes reaction to Danish stuff. I have to admit when I moved here I had a lot of the same reactions. What is a hygge anyway? Aren’t sandwiches suppose to be two pieces of bread filled with delicious deli meats and mustard? And more importantly and frightening why is that baby left alone outside, in a stroller in below zero weather? I was horrified at first. Soon I came to embrace these things, with the exception of the “smørrebrød”, the open face sandwich with one piece of bread.  A funny side story regarding my love for American sandwiches, non-Danes and how foods from different countries are identified. I met one of my dearest friends in Denmark due to my whole wheat sandwich with ham, cheese and mustard. Standing at the vending machine at my language school, I was eating my sandwich. Suddenly I hear someone behind me say in a typical loud American fashion, “Are you American?!” I turn to look at who is yelling in my ear and respond with, “Yes, how did you know?” and she says, “You’re sandwich! You are eating an American sandwich!”  We’ve been dear friends since! All thanks to those two pieces of bread wrapped in foil. So my followers, I digress in a way, but I always find that story interesting and funny due to a simple American food that we bring for lunch as children to school, not realizing that something so little can identify you to your culture and where you come from. In this case, as a non-Dane.  I hope you find this Buzzfeed post as funny as I did.


3 thoughts on “Non-Danes reaction to Danish stuff”

  1. Hi!So cute to read!!!!  I’m still not understanding leaving the baby outside?????And those beets over what???!!!!Funny post. Love the sandwich part!XoSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

    1. Its a cultural thing to leave the babies in their strollers outside to sleep/nap. Apparently they sleep very well. I am going to try it at home…not while i am out in Copenhagen at a cafe haha.
      The beets are over a rice pudding type thing. thats the best way to describe it.

  2. Funny how true that is! Things we don’t give a second thought to yet they identify where we are from ! Amazing !

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