Introducing Things I Love.

I always had an interest in taking up a hobby and am actually finding the time to do it. Lets face it, we all have stuff we want to do but when you are working whether you have a family or not who has the time. Between my job and the travels it required, when I wasn’t working, with the little free time I had, I chose to spend it with my family and friends.  Then came the day that I quit my job, moved to Denmark and had all the time in the world. All I could do is think what am I going to do with myself? So my husband said “Do something you feel passionate about. Try different things. This is your opportunity.” So friends and followers what have I been doing over the past few years? As you know from visiting my blog I have been traveling, cooking and eating of course. Recently I’ve added to that list and started making  jewelry.  Years ago a friend and I signed up for a jewelry making class that I never made it to. If you’re reading Anne I am sure you remember this. Well now I’ve decided to teach myself, starting small, and with pieces that cater to my personal style, because of course, I will be wearing it. What category does this fall into on the blog? Love.  Jewelry has always been something I have been passionate about. I love my accessories. So I introduce to you the the ‘Love’ category of the blog, which is simply set aside for things I Love. Jewelry being one of them.

FullSizeRender IMG_8948 IMG_8389 IMG_8057


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